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Kyle Orton Should Start For Kansas City Chiefs Unless He's Injured

If one team can hold an edge over another in the NFL, then they'll take it -- even if it's just a perceived edge. So it's hard to tell just who will start at quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday since that wild card alone seemingly is an advantage for the Chiefs, in reality or not. Will Tyler Palko start his fourth game in a row? Is Kyle Orton finally healthy enough to suit up under center? Will Ricky Stanzi get his first look as a pro? No one knows at this point, or at least they're not saying.

Orton has a finger injury that was dislocated in the one single play he's ever been in for the Chiefs. It's hard to tell whether Orton is good to go or not, but it's also clear he's the best option by far on the roster. For a team that's still mathematically in the playoffs, it's essential to not go into evaluation mode and play the back-ups or draft picks. That might mean no Stanzi for now.

It's clear Palko is not the man. He hasn't been able to consistently move the chains at all until now, at least under Haley, and the public sentiment and interest is strong in another option. For the Chiefs to trot out Palko for yet another week even after Haley's dismissal would unleash a chorus of ill will at Arrowhead.

For now, Chiefs fans have to hope for the best for Orton's health. Today's practice schedule should give a bit of a sign of what to expect.