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Chiefs Vs. Packers: Romeo Crennel Likely To Get 'Free Pass' Against Green Bay

Romeo Crennel will have a head start on any other candidate to become the head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. After all, as the interim coach in place of the fired Todd Haley, Crennel will have a three game trial run to prove his worth. If the team shows signs of life, even in a loss, that bodes well for Crennel's chances at the long-term job.

Bill Williamson of ESPN also says he's likely to get a free pass this week, given that the Chiefs face the single greatest team in all of football, the Green Bay Packers. He writes:

There’s no doubt Kansas City general manager Scott Pioli will consider Crennel for the full-time job. Of course, it will help Crennel’s cause if the Chiefs play well in the final three games. But I don’t think Crennel has to beat the Packers to keep his name in consideration. I think Crennel will likely be judged more on the Chiefs’ performance in their final two games, at home against Oakland and at Denver, than in Sunday’s game against the juggernaut. However, of course, if the Chiefs somehow become the team to derail the Packers, Crennel’s candidacy will soar.