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San Diego Chargers Need To Sell 2,000 Tickets To Avoid Blackout Against Ravens

The San Diego Chargers are finally on the upswing and it might be too late. That might help to explain the lack of interest in the team locally as the Chargers hope to avoid their second straight blackout for Sunday's game against the Baltimore Ravens.

Bill Williamson of ESPN reports, "The Chargers announced they need to sell 2,000 tickets by Thursday for Sunday’s final home game of the season against Baltimore to avoid a television blackout . There is a good chance the Chargers will sell enough to avoid the blackout. Sunday’s game against Buffalo was blacked out. About 5,000 tickets remained when the blackout was enforced."

The Chargers are currently in third place in the AFC West behind the Denver Broncos. While it's not likely they'll finish strong enough to make the playoffs, it's definitely still a chance and the incoming Ravens against Philip Rivers and company should make for a compelling game on national television. If there's any reason to point to as to why the Chargers are candidates to move, this is it.