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Chiefs Vs. Packers: Green Bay Feasting On AFC West Opponents So Far

The Green Bay Packers have been beating up on anyone and everyone in this 2011 season. While there are plenty of teams vying for spots 2 through 9 on most NFL Power Rankings lists, it’s clear who the best overall team is and there’s no competition whatsoever for that slot. And yet of all of the teams that Green Bay has embarrassed, the AFC West has served up perhaps the best overall course for them to feast on.

“The 13-0 Packers are doing some of their best work against the AFC West this season,” says Bill Williamson. “They are 3-0 against the division and they are doing it in spectacular fashion. Green Bay has outscored Denver, Oakland and San Diego by a combined score of 140-77. The Packers have scored at least 45 points in each game. They play at Kansas City on Sunday, so the carnage could continue.”

The Chiefs don’t have much of a prayer on Sunday after losing their head coach and enduring extreme injuries this year, but the NFL always surprises week to week. Perhaps this will be one of those unforeseen games.