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Josh McDaniels Still Among Favorites For Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach Despite Fan Sentiments

Josh McDaniels is hated in Kansas City. Take a poll anywhere and it’s clear that he would be among the least favorite candidates to replace Todd Haley as the Chiefs head coach. It might be different if the Matt Cassel legacy in KC was stronger, but it’s clear that McDaniels’ dramatic tenure with the Denver Broncos as their short-lived head coach as well as the St. Louis Rams inability to formulate any real offense this year under his leadership has damned his reputation. Yet Adam Schefter says fan sentiment might not mean a thing when all is said and done.

Schefter points specifically to the upcoming Broncos-Patriots game on Sunday as evidence that McDaniels’ work in the NFL speaks for itself. He writes, "Sunday’s matchup is a testament to McDaniels’ work, and why he still will be in demand despite St. Louis’ struggles. No one around the league would be surprised if Kansas City and its general manager Scott Pioli, who worked with McDaniels in New England, made a hard run at him as the successor to Todd Haley. New England would always have a spot for McDaniels.

“And St. Louis wants to keep him even when change is likely to shake up the organization. As the Broncos continue to make the unlikely climb from worst to first, and as Denver continues to supplant unbeaten Green Bay as the story of the 2011 season, the irony is the person who helped make it all possible no longer is a part of it. McDaniels is battling through a challenging season in St. Louis, but his legacy is on display in Denver.”

Of course, Chiefs fans likely won’t care either way and if Pioli hangs his hat on McDaniels then there’s likely to be a mini-riot of sorts. Then again, winning cures everything.