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Peyton Manning's Age And Health Is Major Risk For Chiefs Given Team's Young Offensive Core

When the Indianapolis Colts officially land the No. 1 choice in the 2012 NFL Draft, the floodgates will open up about their trade scenarios concerning their incumbent albeit injured star quarterback in Peyton Manning and their future star quarterback with Andrew Luck. Well, as if those gates haven’t opened already. The reality is that the Colts might keep both players or trade one and given that the NFL is a quarterback’s league, the Colts are in an enviable position.

If they’re going to trade Manning, some have already linked the long-time All-Pro quarterback to the Kansas City Chiefs. Mel Kiper said they were among the top candidates to land him if he’s available, and the team also has the comparative acquisition of Joe Montana back in ‘93. In other words, you’re likely to hear random Manning-to-Chiefs talk from time to time for the next several months.

Yet Adam Teicher over at the Kansas City Star says that Manning is a bad move for the Chiefs — one that doesn’t match their offensive core’s rising age and dynamism and a risk that also isn’t worth the draft picks. He writes:

Some QBs are better at age 36, 37 and 38 than others. Since Manning has been better than almost any QB at any age, it stands to reason he could still be very productive at age 36, 37, 38. But, then again, that’s a risk. And even if he’s successful and injury-free, he’s an old geezer. Is that what you want for the future of your franchise?

Here are the ages of KC’s best players: Hali 28, Johnson 29, Flowers 25, Berry 23, Moeaki 24, Bowe 27, Succup 25, Baldwin 22, Breaston 28, Charles 25. Does any 36 year-old quarterback fit that formula?

Teicher makes several good points in the overall article stating that the cost and health risk of Manning simply doesn’t fit, and I’m inclined to agree. However, the one thing of note is that any quarterback play would be better than what the Chiefs have had to this point in the last few years — which is efficient at best. If Manning can deliver Manning-esque numbers even after 35 and with a neck injury behind him, then there’s room for talk.