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Jamaal Charles Listed As Top Fantasy Football Sleeper Pick For 2012

Some fantasy football owners are planning for the playoffs, the reward for a solid season where they kept up with their teams well and found some good sleepers to accompany a strong draft. Others have long ago tanked and haven't checked their teams since the first few weeks of the season. All of us have felt the pain of being in both categories. However, for those teams, there's always the beauty of next season, especially if you're in a keeper league.

Eric Karabell of ESPN has put out a list of the top 10 sleeper picks for next season and you might want to pay attention, especially to the top spot just in case someone in your league will forget about one of the best running backs in football who was out this year: Jamaal Charles.

Karabell writes, "Here's the obvious one to me, a top-3 pick on draft day this season that produced 11 fantasy points before tearing his ACL. Will he ever be the same? Perhaps not, but I'm pretty sure nobody on the current Chiefs is standing in his way, even McCluster. Remember, next summer a peaceful NFL will allow Charles to rehabilitate with his team."

The Chiefs certainly hope he returns back to form and maintains his game-changing ways. They'll need him as their offensive core next season.