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NFL Picks: Bill Simmons Selects Green Bay Packers To Beat Spread Against Chiefs

When it comes to NFL Picks, it’s impossible to find a single person who really believes the Kansas City Chiefs have a real chance at beating the Green Bay Packers this week. Yet even as two touchdown favorites, experts still believe the Packers will beat the Chiefs by that much and more, even the Sports Guy Bill Simmons who wrote in his recent NFL picks column for Week 15 that the Chiefs would lose.

Simmons writes, “(Opening an early Christmas gift.) ‘Wow! It’s the chance to bet against Romeo Crennel again! Thank you! You shouldn’t have! This is too much!’”

The good news for the Chiefs is that if they are starting Kyle Orton at quarterback, they suddenly have the most experienced, savvy talent in the pocket than they’ve had for weeks. That’s a mark of just how bad the the Chiefs’ season has gotten in 2011, but there’s also reason for hope that Orton is able to find such dynamic wideouts like Jon Baldwin, Steve Breaston and Dwayne Bowe. They won’t likely overwhelm the Packers but at least they can make a game of it.