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NFL Picks, Week 15: Peter King Picks Green Bay Packers To Beat Kansas City Chiefs 33-20

The picks are overwhelmingly in favor of the Green Bay Packers over the Kansas City Chiefs, as they should be. The defending Super Bowl champs haven’t lost since 1976. But as Aaron Rodgers and company come to Arrowhead Stadium hoping to secure a first-round bye this week, the team finds the Chiefs at a particular interesting crossroads with a new interim coach in Romeo Crennel and starting quarterback in Kyle Orton. That’s still not enough for Peter King to believe the Chiefs will not get blown out, however.

He writes, “Just what every interim coach who wants to be a head coach wants to see for the first game of his three-game trial: Romeo Crennel’s got the 13-0 Packers coming to Arrowhead Sunday. I don’t see him being picked by Scott Pioli come January for a second stint as a head coach in the league, but Crennel has the kind of credibility with ownership and the GM — and is well-respected enough in the locker room — that a very good last 15 days of the season could get him on Pioli’s finalist list.”