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Kansas City Chiefs Have Chance To Display Growth Against Green Bay Packers

The Kansas City Chiefs will have a new coach and a new quarterback, so it’s definitely reasonable to expect the team will have some new results to show for their efforts. After all, those are major changes for any team, but upgrading from Tyler Palko to Kyle Orton has to bring something. Then again the team faces the Green Bay Packers this week so any measurement for growth is likely to come in smaller quantities this week. Fox Sports believes the Chiefs can grow but it will not be enough:

The Chiefs will have a different look than what they’ve shown over the course of the season, and it’s reasonable to believe both the insertion of Orton and the more-relaxed atmosphere that Crennel will bring as opposed to the stern and demanding Haley can pay some immediate benefits. It’s not going to change the Packers’ customary results, however. Kansas City will still be hard-pressed to keep the defending world champions from nearing their normal offensive output, and there’s little debate that the Chiefs don’t have anywhere near the firepower to keep up in a high-scoring affair. The final two games will offer a better indicator of whether Kansas City’s modifications will lead to an overall improvement, as the Packers are simply in another class.