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Tim Tebow Will Beat Tom Brady If Broncos Can Stay Close Early Says Tony Dungy

From one God-fearing man to another, Tony Dungy says that the Denver Broncos will beat the New England Patriots today if the Broncos can stay close after the first quarter. Dungy's comment is the latest in a long time of sportswriters and NFL figures who are caught up in the hype surrounding the Denver Broncos' resurgence to relevance under Tim Tebow's leadership at quarterback.

Consider that only a few weeks ago, the Broncos were in last place in the AFC West. Now they are a must-watch team and today's Patriots-Broncos match-up that pits Tom Brady against Tim Tebow is likely going to light up Twitter feeds and the ratings category alike. The Tebow talk is a goldmine for the NFL (consider jersey and ticket sales along with corresponding media coverage), and the Patriots present the perfect match-up.

If Dungy is right and Tebow wins, the talk will be not only about Broncos' playoff positioning but possible Super Bowl hopes. That's when the furor will reach fever pitch. For now it's loud enough but Dungy believes the AFC West leaders will only get louder.