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Carl Peterson Helped Save Jeff Ireland's Job With Miami Dolphins

It's amazing how much personal relationship plays into the NFL front office and coaching hirings and firings in the league. When millions can be made and wins and losses count so much, it's incredible how much things like "I used to work with this guy" counts in the National Football League. Yet year in and year out, the incestuous nature of the NFL continues. The latest is from the Miami Dolphins where Dan Pompei says a certain relationship helped spare general manager Jeff Ireland even though head coach Tony Sparano was cast out.

Pompei writes, "One of the reasons general manager Jeff Ireland didn’t get swept out of Miami with Tony Sparano is Carl Peterson, soon expected to be named Dolphins president, feels comfortable with Ireland. Ireland worked as a scout for Peterson’s Chiefs for four years." A single Chiefs connection keeps the Dolphins from completely cleaning house and moving forward -- a move that will come back to haunt them if they're unable to turn a corner under yet another regime change.