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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Robert Griffin III Compared To Steve Young Or 'Athletic Drew Brees'

As scouts opinions begin to pour in about the pro potential of Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III, it’s clear that all comparisons make the Baylor quarterback look really good. For some, he’s been likened to Michael Vick. For others it’s Randall Cunningham. The latest comes from a survey conducted by the National Football Post’s Dan Pompei who writes that Griffin also compares with Steve Young or an athletic Drew Brees.

Pompei writes, “He probably will be one of the most athletic quarterbacks in the NFL. He isn’t quite the freak that Michael Vick is, but he’s not far behind. One AFC personnel director compares him to Steve Young. An NFC scouting director said he is a really athletic Drew Brees. What Griffin can do is create second chances when a play breaks down. He is an outstanding runner with instinct, quickness and speed.”

It’s clear that Griffin is going to be a dynamic threat at the next level and one that teams will scramble for come draft time. While Andrew Luck still seems a cinch at the top of the draft, whoever gets the No. 2 pick may find several suitors clamoring for the chance to draft Griffin.