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Kansas City Chiefs Lead Green Bay Packers 6-0 At Halftime

The Green Bay Packers have never been shut out in the first half this season. Yet the Kansas City Chiefs are clearly showing they have a defense that can stay with anyone, and the Chiefs are now up 6-0 over the Packers at halftime in a game no one expected.

After shutting down the Patriots well in the first half on Monday Night Football and two strong showings against the Steelers and Bears, it’s clear the Chiefs’ defense is the dominant force on the roster. Yet Kyle Orton has also moved the chains well in the first half as the Chiefs new quarterback.

The first half presented an incredibly strong showing for the Kansas City Chiefs who limited the Green Bay Packers better than any defense in the NFL so far this year, with only 89 total yards for the Pack. Orton went 14 of 19 in passing attempts with 152 yards. The Chiefs, even though they failed to score a touchdown, have to feel good about where they stand.

The Chiefs had 13 first downs and Dustin Colquitt didn’t punt until the very end of the first half. Those are marks of a team with a much better showing than the last several games and shows why Chiefs fans were dying to get a better quarterback in the middle.