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Chiefs Lead Packers On Ryan Succop's Third Field Goal 9-6

Ryan Succop might turn out to be the MVP for the Kansas City Chiefs on a day that’s already as unlikely as anything you could have predicted in the NFL today. The Chiefs are currently up over the Green Bay Packers thanks to three field goals from Succop, who has now hit 20 in a row.

Succop’s field goal was good from 46 yards out and even made it on a high snap that Dustin Colquitt helped stabilize at the last second. Succop shook off some early season issues to now give the Chiefs one of the most impressive stretches of consistency in team history.

Succop has already hit field goals of 19 yards and 32 yards, both back in the first quarter. Succop’s best game of the year came against the Minnesota Vikings with five field goals.

The Chiefs now hold the lead with under four minutes to go in the third quarter.