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Romeo Crennel Earns Credibility For Chiefs Head Coaching Gig With Win Over Packers

Romeo Crennel has a real shot at this whole Kansas City Chiefs head coaching gig.

Some people really didn’t believe that Crennel was a possibility given his horrible stint as the Browns head coach for four seasons. They believed he was a solid interim choice given the defensive performance in recent games. However after listening to Scott Pioli’s words this week and seeing the incredible performance in today’s 19-14 win over the Green Bay Packers, it’s clear the Chiefs might already have their man in house.

Crennel had his players showering him with Gatorade on the sidelines and chanting his name in the locker room. It’s clear they played hard for him on both sides of the ball, and even the offense could move the chains this afternoon — something the team could not do in recent weeks against other playoff teams like the Steelers and Patriots.

The Chiefs might have suffered some big injuries this year, but they’re also a team with a lot of young impact talent on both sides of the ball. Kyle Orton made a big difference under center, but it’s also clear that Crennel had an incredible game plan today. Aaron Rodgers never got comfortable in the pocket for more than a couple plays at a time, and the Chiefs never even punted until near the end of the first half. It was just that kind of day all around for the Chiefs at Arrowhead.

Every head coach who is successful seems to have a stint in their past where it didn’t work out. Certainly Bill Belichick had a bad stop with the Browns himself. Perhaps Crennel has learned some things and can carry the Chiefs forward from here. At the very least he’s earned more credibility than he had before and now likely has much of the Chiefs’ fan base on his side for the future.