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Chiefs Vs. Packers: Romeo Crennel Says 'The Chiefs Played A Very Good Game Today'

Romeo Crennel said it best: "The Chiefs played a very good game today." There's no one who could or should say it better than Kansas City's interim coach who, with Sunday's win against the previously undefeated Packers, moved closer to removing that "interim" from his title.

The locker room after the game was an emotional one that rallied around their new coach, chanting his name. And it's clear that the coach believes in his players. Crennel offered up some great post-game commentary discussing the win and what the Chiefs did well.

"The Chiefs played a very good game today," he said. "They played the way that I would like to see the Chiefs play all the time. They followed the game plan, they had energy, they had effort and they played their hearts out. And that’s the thing we talked to those guys about with a Green Bay Packers team coming in here, undefeated, everybody had marked it off as a win for the Packers, but those guys in the locker room, they’re football players. They decided that they were not going to lay down, they were not going to give up, so they went out and played a tremendous game."

Specifically Crennel wanted to give credit to the other coaches who helped compile the tremendous game plan executed by the Chiefs players.

"One, I would like to give credit to the offensive coaches because they did a good job of putting a plan together and then calling a good game. Kyle [Orton] did a nice job of controlling and operating the offense, but if you look at it all, all those guys did a nice job. The defense did a nice job and that’s what happens when a team wins, everybody wins. We’re just proud that we were able to win this one. We know that it’s a short week that we have to work on. We close out the season with division opponents, which are always tough and rivalries are always good, but now our guys have a little confidence and will be up for the challenge.

"The best part about it is that our next game is a home game, and even though we had more Cheese Heads in the stadium than I would like, we prevailed. Playing at home is always a plus for us and that’s good because our fans are wonderful fans. Saturday we hope they are out and enjoying the holidays and come cheer us to another victory."