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Romeo Crennel Still Uncertain On Future As Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach

There's only so much control that Romeo Crennel has on his position as interim head coach of the Kansas City Coach. That said, it's quite clear he's doing all that he can to remove the interim portion of his title and gain the long-term hold on steering the franchise week in and week out. A win against the NFL's only undefeated team will do plenty to a man's stock -- that much is for sure.

Still when asked after the game about what the win meant for his own chances, Crennel quickly deflected any idea of thinking that far into the future or thinking about his own standing when the team is thinking about the playoffs.

"I really have no way of knowing that. All I know is we won a game and played a good football team and we played a good football game. We looked like a pro football team. That was a positive. We’ll see what the next two weeks bring because every week is a different week in the NFL. Then at the end of it, we’ll see…we’ll let the chips fall where they may. That’s what you always do in football. That’s what I tell those guys in the locker room – Do your best and play your best and let the chips fall where they may. The only thing we can control is how we play, the kind of effort we give and hopefully we can win as we go."

That's the ideal response from a man who seems like he might be the ideal candidate for the job. The Chiefs might already have their man without having to do any sort of coaching search after all.