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Romeo Crennel Praises Tamba Hali, Brandon Carr For Work Against Aaron Rodgers

It was clear the Kansas City Chiefs had their work cut out for them in Sunday's game against the Green Bay Packers. Specifically Romeo Crennel, the Chiefs interim head coach, knew that they had to contain Aaron Rodgers, the likely MVP of the NFL this season and the Packers quarterback, if they wanted to win. The good news for the Chiefs is that they did and they won in an unlikely 19-14 victory at Arrowhead.

"We tried to mix things up," said Crennel. "Aaron [Rodgers] is a very good quarterback and as we were watching tape and looking at the things he was able to do, we knew that we had our work cut out for us. Sometimes with a quarterback like that, you can’t contain him all the time. We were very fortunate in the first half that they didn’t get any points but then he started clicking in the second half and so that concerned us. But try to mix it up, that’s all you can do. If your guys mix it up and play good then you have a chance."

Specifically, Crennel praised defensive players like Tamba Hali, who had three sacks, and Brandon Carr on the defensive unit for their play against the Packers.

"Tamba Hali comes to work every day, and you notice him out there every game, he gives it everything he has," said Crennel. "Carr has been improving as the year has gone on. With Flowers on the other side, sometimes teams choose to try Carr, but Carr has stood up to the challenges and he has improved as the year has gone on. So I think that’s a positive for him and this team as well."