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Kyle Orton: 'This Is About The Most Fun I've Had On Football Field'

If you want to know how it felt for the Kansas City Chiefs to overcome odds and adversity to defeat the best team in the NFL, just check out the quotes from players after the game. The guys in the locker room were excited and emotional after the game and it was clear that everyone was responding to perhaps the Chiefs best played game on the year.

For new quarterback Kyle Orton, this game provided a special moment in his first real game play for the Chiefs. “This about the most fun as I’ve had on the football field. You go through practice and all that stuff but your teammates don’t really know you until you get in that huddle. That’s a special time for me, inside the huddle. I kind of turn into [another] person. I think everybody took it well. We had a lot of fun and battled together.”

When asked if it was the most excited he's ever seen a locker room, Orton couldn't say.

“I’ve played in a Super Bowl so it’s hard to say. All teams are different, with different personalities and that’s the tough thing coming into a team late in the season; you haven’t had training camp, you haven’t had all those grueling practices to get to know the guys. They haven’t had those practices to get to know me so it was a crash course on the field. I thought everybody gelled together and played hard for each other and got the big win.”