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Romeo Crennel: 'I'd Like To Have Another Opportunity' As Chiefs Head Coach

Romeo Crennel doesn’t ignore the obvious. Whereas former head coach Todd Haley would play coy with the media and state that he didn’t know who would start at quarterback after yet another miserable performance with Tyler Palko, Romeo Crennel came straight out and moved Palko to third-string on the quarterback spot on the depth chart. It’s just one example of the straight-shooter that Crennel is.

Now that he knows the interim tag is hanging over his head, he also speaks openly about the fact that he’s vying for the head coaching position with the Chiefs. After the game, he opened up to Peter King to discuss it.

“Everyone in this game has an ego,‘’ Crennel told King. "I have one too. I’d like to have another opportunity to prove I can do this job. I had one in Cleveland and we won 10 games one year, then got hit hard with injuries the next year. Scott knows me, and that helps. But he knows me as an assistant, not as a head coach. Now he’s got to see me as a head coach.’’

It’s clear the players are behind Crennel, but one game doesn’t make or break an NFL head coaching career. Pioli will certainly be watching close as the Chiefs close out the season.