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Is Von Miller The Next DeMarcus Ware Or Derrick Thomas?

The Kansas City Chiefs have to face the Denver Broncos twice every single year as rivals in the AFC West. The divisional contests are always heated games that are fun to watch, and yet the Chiefs have to be wincing a bit at the thought of having to match up with Von Miller for the next decade. After all, it's clear he's one of the best pass rushers in the NFL already and he's earning some impressive comparisons.

"If Von Miller matures, he'll have a chance to be a close facsimile to DeMarcus Ware," writes Albert Breer. "And those are strong words from me, since I believe Ware is the closest thing the league has seen to Lawrence Taylor since the real thing roamed the NFL (a sentiment Bill Belichick once told me he agreed with). The important thing now is growth, since we've seen how far Miller's athletic ability can get him.

"Good as he's been, Miller was benched at one point earlier in the season, and I'm told he rubbed some veteran defensive players the wrong way, in having the air about him that he had it all figured out as a rookie. He's still not complete as a player, but he has great resources around him. Coach John Fox was important in the development of Michael Strahan and Julius Peppers, and vets like Elvis Dumervil, Champ Bailey and D.J. Williams are in the locker room, as well. And Miller has a good head on his shoulders. So with time, there's a good chance he does get it all figured out."