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NFL Power Rankings: Kansas City Chiefs' Romeo Crennel Had 'Greatest Debut By Interim Head Coach'

Lists are subjective by nature, so it’s hard to argue with someone when it’s just an opinion. High Fidelity taught us that, if anything. However, Elliot Harrison over at has the Kansas City Chiefs at No. 24 overall in their week 16 NFL Power Poll — a number that fails to reflect the fact that they just handily defeated the single best team in the NFL and the fact that they are also within two games of .500 and some slim playoff hopes to go with it.

Harrison writes, “Quite simply, that was the greatest debut by an interim head coach in NFL history, Romeo Crennel. To take a rudderless team that just lost 37-10, and then turn around and beat the 13-0 defending Super Bowl champion is nothing short of sick. The Packers came in averaging 35.8 points per game. Crennel’s boys held them to 14.”

The Chiefs face the Raiders and Broncos in the next two weeks and stand a decent chance of winning at least one of those games. That should propel them closer to the lower teens where the team likely belongs.