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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Robert Griffin III Could Land With Cleveland Browns

Robert Griffin III is definitely the hottest ticket in Big 12 football when it comes to the upcoming frenzy of the 2012 NFL Draft to be held next April. That said, he’s now entered Top 5 territory in mock drafts with the release of Wes Bunting’s latest over at the National Football Post. While it’s only a top ten, Griffin didn’t need the last six spots to find his new virtual home: Cleveland Browns.

The Browns are definitely in need of a quarterback given that Colt McCoy has yet to really master the trade at the NFL level and the team will need the potential Griffin offers in a division as tough as the AFC North.

Bunting writes, “With the love that Browns team president Mike Holmgren has shown for backup quarterback Seneca Wallace, one can only figure he would also love an athlete the caliber of Griffin III. The Browns need to improve their play at the quarterback position and Griffin III is the kind of multi-dimensional athlete that has the ability to make everyone around him better.”