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Chiefs Vs. Raiders: Tamba Hali Says Carson Palmer Should Be Better Quarterback This Time Around

The first time the Kansas City Chiefs’ defense faced the Oakland Raiders this season, they made a mockery of the Oakland Raiders quarterback situation, Kyle Boller threw three interceptions in the first half and the newly acquired Carson Palmer did the same in the second half. It was a rout that turned into a 28-0 shutout at Oakland and became the low point in the Raiders season. Now they hope to turn those fortunes around at Arrowhead Stadium this weekend.

Tamba Hali says the Chiefs expect Carson to be better this time around. He says, "I guess it’s been about maybe five or six weeks so he’s probably acquainted with that offense and has got his timing down with the wide receivers. It will be a little different, he’s still a good quarterback, he’s still able to execute.”

In his recent media session, Hali also admits he’s tired of being held this season and that it can be frustrating when opposing offensive linemen get away with illegal moves.

“Yes it gets frustrating. But like you said, it’s the nature of the position. Those guys are going to hold, they are going to pull you to the ground and one thing we’ve got to do as rushers, we’ve just got to be consistent in what we are doing and persistent and relentless in trying to get to that quarterback. But it’s frustrating.”