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Matt Barkley Reportedly Heading Back To USC For Another Season

If Pete Thamel of the New York Times is correct, the NFL Draft is going to be a bit thinner at the quarterback position — and that’s bad news for teams like the Kansas City Chiefs who are likely among the teams at least eyeing a new starting through the April draft. The report is that Barkley is telling teammates he will be back for another year at Southern Cal, which means that USC will be a favorite heading into next season to win it all, and that Robert Griffin III just might have made a lot more money.

Barkley has been widely regarded as the second best quarterback prospect in the NFL Draft for some time if he were to declare his intentions to go pro. Griffin has recently been tailing him with his recent Heisman win after his stellar year for Baylor, but now it’s clear that Griffin will enter the No. 2 spot comfortably assuming he declares as well. Perhaps Landry Jones is now the third best quarterback available.

Barkley will make his intentions public later today.