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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Chiefs Could Grab Trent Richardson To Team With Jamaal Charles

If the Kansas City Chiefs were the No. 1 rushing team a year ago with Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones as the one-two punch, what are the possibilities with the top running back in the class of 2012 partnering with an All-Pro like Charles? The Chiefs might just find out if the latest mock draft from Walter Football is to be believed.

The Chiefs are in need of some further help along both the offensive and defensive line and an inside linebacker would be nice as well. A secondary could always use help given today’s pass happy NFL and depending on what the team does with Matt Cassel, a quarterback could be the answer. But Walter Football has the Chiefs going with the best value on the draft board — and that means Alabama running back Trent Richardson.

Jamaal Charles will be back next year, but the Chiefs have never been convinced that he can carry the load. That’s even a more unreasonable expectation in 2012 given that he’s coming off a torn ACL. Trent Richardson is the top player available. He would give Kansas City the top one-two punch at running back in the NFL.

While it’s a luxury pick, it would make the running attack of the Kansas City Chiefs a pair that defenses could not properly prepare for and could open up things in the passing game in a major way.