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Chiefs Vs. Raiders: Romeo Crennel Doesn't Want To Use The Word 'Hate' When Discussing Oakland

Romeo Crennel doesn't hate anyone. That said, he understands that the Kansas City Chiefs face their hated division rivals this week in the Oakland Raiders. Even so, Crennel doesn't like using such harsh descriptions of emotions against another team or fan base. It's a wise move for Crennel given the recent spat of fan violence at heated games.

"Do I hate the Raiders?" he said at a recent press conference. "To be honest with you I really don’t hate anybody. But I dislike the Raiders because they are a divisional opponent and they are going to try to whip me basically. And I don’t like to get beat so I’m going to put the best foot forward and I’m going to do a good job against these guys but I don’t hate the Raiders.

"It’s a big rivalry, I understand that and the fans, they might want to hear me say I hate the Raiders. But that would be me walking down the street and you want me to say I hate this guy over here because he’s just walking down the street. That’s not the case, when you talk about hate, I think hate is a strong word and I don’t hate anybody."