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Tim Tebow Vs. Kyle Orton Could Become Flex Game In NFL Week 17

The Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos are among the most likely candidates to become the NFL's "flex game" in Week 17 -- the game that gets moved to Sunday night to maximize the viewing audience. The reason is simple: if the Broncos season is on the line and the AFC West title is still up for grabs, you'd better believe Tim Tebow and the Broncos versus a resurgent Chiefs team with the Broncos old quarterback at the helm is going to make for must-watch television.

It was the scenario that many discussed when the Chiefs first picked up Kyle Orton in the first place: could this move come back to haunt the Broncos? Mike Florio says that it's either this game or the Cowboys-Giants game that will likely be moved. He writes, "The Broncos definitely will win the AFC West by beating the Chiefs.  The only problem is that the Broncos could nail it down before 8:20 p.m. ET on January 1, making the game irrelevant."

If both teams are still mathematically alive, then this should be a real showdown that everyone -- not just the team's fan bases -- will want to watch. Who would have thought in the preseason that Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow would be the starting quarterbacks in one of the best match-ups at season's end?