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Green Bay Packers Will Be Without Bryan Bulaga And Chad Clifton Against Bears

The Green Bay Packers are definitely hurting on their offensive line, as both of their starting tackles will be out for another game after both were hurt from the Kansas City Chiefs contest last week. Clifton, the team’s starting left tackle, and Bulaga, the starting right tackle, leave the Packers particularly open to the Bears pass rush and Aaron Rodgers will need back-ups to step up as well as execute a game plan to get rid of the ball quickly.

Adam Schefter also reports that Greg Jennings will be out yet another game and it’s possible he could miss the rest of the regular season. While Jordy Nelson stepped up, it’s also clear that the Packers passing attack was stifled versus the Chiefs with the increased vulnerability to the pas rush and the lack of Jennings to draw the coverage.

The good news for the Packers is that they’ve developed a tremendous cushion heading into the playoffs so that their injured can get healthy.