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Chiefs Vs. Raiders: Kyle Orton Should Expect Oakland's Pressure Up Middle

The Green Bay Packers weren't able to get much pressure surprisingly against the Kansas City Chiefs offensive line, a unit that's been criticized all season. Doug Kretz of Scouts, Inc. says that they shouldn't expect similar results against the Oakland Raiders vaunted pass rush and overall defensive pressure. The Chiefs defense was the savior for the last game, so they will need quarterback Kyle Orton to bring some offense this time at Arrowhead.

Kretz writes, "With Kyle Orton starting at quarterback for the Chiefs, the team mounted one of their better efforts in the passing game in their win over the Green Bay Packers in Week 15. The Raiders will need to amp up their pass rush this week in an attempt to get to Orton who was not sacked once by the Packers. The one thing Oakland has managed to do this year is get pressure up the middle as well as coming off the edge. Look for defensive coordinator Chuck Bresnahan to force the issue with a good number of blitzes from all angles."

The teams kick off today at 12pm CT.