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NFL Picks, Week 16: Kansas City Chiefs Predicted To Win Close Game Over Oakland Raiders

The last time these two teams faced off, the Kansas City Chiefs embarrassed the Oakland Raiders in Oakland in a game that proved the low point for the Raiders season. Instead of rallying at home after the death of Al Davis, the Raiders have quickly wilted and the in-season trade for Carson Palmer has backfired — failing to translate into the wins that Hue Jackson predicted and hoped for.

Doug Kretz of Scouts, Inc. predicts that the Chiefs will win again today, albeit at a much closer score than what happened last time. Kretz says the Chiefs will win 21 to 20 today against the Raiders in a game that will kill Oakland’s playoff chances if it plays out this way, but would keep KC somehow alive in the playoff hunt despite being in the same season as firing their head coach.

The Chiefs need to not only beat the Raiders today to have that prayer, but they also need the Buffalo Bills to beat the Denver Broncos as well. Both games are played at the same time, so it’s only a matter of hours until we know the AFC West fate.