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Chiefs Vs. Raiders Halftime Score: Kansas City Tied With Oakland

The Kansas City Chiefs embarrassed the Oakland Raiders the first time they played midway through the season on the strength of their defense on the way to a 28-0 win. The Raiders are playing similarly poor this week at Arrowhead, but the Chiefs’ offense has not capitalized in today’s game with the halftime score tied at 3 apiece.

With 18 combined penalties between both teams, it’s clear this is one of the sloppier games of the NFL season. For the Raiders, that’s no surprise given that they’re on their way to possibly setting the NFL record for penalties. Still between both teams, no one seems to want to take control of the game.

The good news is that the Chiefs have been able to move the ball with 11 first downs in the first half. The running game has been particularly effective today although some mistakes by Kyle Orton, including one pick and an intentional grounding penalty has killed them at times. Even the final kick before the half by Ryan Succop was blocked.

The Chiefs will get the ball back to start the second half.