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Chiefs Vs. Raiders: Romeo Crennel Explains Blocked Kicks By Richard Seymour

The Kansas City Chiefs lost their hopes for any slim chances of the playoffs on Saturday in their home loss to the Oakland Raiders. It was a heartbreaking loss that featured two blocked kicks at the end of the first and second halves -- both blocks by the Raiders star defensive end Richard Seymour. Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel explained the moves in a press conference after the game for those wondering how in the world it happened twice against the most steady kicker in the NFL.

"They use a double push technique and they were coming over our left side and our guys were trying to stay low so they wouldn’t get pushed," said Crennel. "But by being low they were able to get a little push over the top. Seymour is a long, tall guy and he used his length to get his hands up and block the kicks."

The Chiefs lost to the Raiders 16-13 and now are officially out of any chance to make the 2011 playoffs.