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Romeo Crennel Defends Kyle Orton's Play For Chiefs Against Raiders

For those wanting to specifically call out the poor quarterback play of Kyle Orton for the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, Romeo Crennel, the team's interim head coach, was having none of that after the loss to the Raiders on Saturday. Instead, Crennel said it was a team performance and that the ups and downs displayed against the Raiders were not solely on Orton's shoulders but were the products of a comprehensive effort (or lack of it).

“I think you saw the same thing in the team," explained Crennel when asked about Orton's play. "You saw some good in the team and then you saw some not so good in the team. I know we all want them to be perfect and help us win, but we weren’t perfect today…all phases: offense, defense, special teams.

"He showed an ability to come back. I told this team that they have some substance and they proved today that they have some substance. They were able to make plays to put the game into overtime. But we also screwed up some plays. To be able to come back from adversity when you’re down a little bit, that shows something.”

Orton finished the game going 21 of 36 for 300 passing yards and 1 touchdown to go with 2 interceptions.