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Chiefs' Kyle Orton Says Performance Against Raiders Was 'Frustrating'

The Kansas City Chiefs were all frustrated after Saturday's loss to the Oakland Raiders and rightfully so. They were knocked out of the playoffs with the 16-13 loss in overtime and the Raiders were clearly not playing to win. The Chiefs had two blocked kicks, penalties at the wrong times and bad decision-making at the quarterback spot at key moments. The end result was the loss of a very winnable game.

"It was frustrating," said Orton after the game. "I think we all had a hand in it; offense, defense and special teams. To finish the way we did but also to fight and get back in the game the way we did was frustrating as well. We had too many mistakes in order to beat a good football team in December. The Red Zone turnover I had, that’s the one I wish I had back. The other interception, #26 [CB Stanford Routt] made a great play. He is good player and sometimes that happens in the NFL. They make great plays and I give him credit for that."

Orton finished with two interceptions in the game despite passing for 300 yards. It's clear he can move the chains better than any quarterback option at this point for the Chiefs, but it's also clear that the team was not playing like a division winner. Next Sunday is the last game of the season against the Denver Broncos.