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Broncos Vs. Chiefs: Kyle Orton Faces Tim Tebow For AFC West Title

Despite the low-key comments of Elway or the nonchalance of Orton, you can bet Sunday will bring plenty of emotions to the table.

The Denver Broncos had to know this was a possibility. When they released former starting quarterback Kyle Orton, it's easy to assume they wanted Orton to slip through to the NFC somewhere -- likely the Chicago Bears who were reportedly hoping for a chance to grab him. But when the Kansas City Chiefs snatched him earlier in the waiver order, it set up this week's showdown between the two. Team exec and hero John Elway admits he knew this could happen as they look forward to this weekend's game against the visiting Kansas City Chiefs.

"We knew it was a possibility," Elway said about facing Orton. "So, here it is. We have to go out there and play well. It was best for the team, bottom line. We made that decision knowing this was a possibility. Now we have to do it."

Kyle Orton refused to make the game anything bigger than another, but that's difficult to believe. In his post-game comments, he said, "You only get 16 games in the NFL, so every one of them is meaningful. If you ask my teammates, I am motivated quite a bit for every game. I don't think that will change."

Despite Elway's low-key comments or Orton's nonchalance, you can expect Sunday to bring plenty of emotions to the table.