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Raiders Vs. Chiefs: Kansas City Loss Affects NFL TV Decisions With Denver Broncos

The nearly unbelievable loss to the Oakland Raiders on Saturday didn’t just affect Kansas City Chiefs fans and players. According to Peter King, it even affected the upcoming TV schedule and made executives frustrated with this week’s choices by the NFL and what network gets what.

As NBC now will broadcast an NFL match-up, King says that FOX execs are “seething.” The reason is that the Chiefs-Broncos match-up is not high-caliber match that it should have been, leaving the network to choose something else — which leaves FOX out in the cold.

King writes, "The NFL would have preferred to not take the second Giants-Cowboys game and give it to NBC. But blame the left side of the Kansas City field-goal unit for that. I believe Kansas City-Denver, which would have been an AFC West title game Sunday had the Chiefs beaten Oakland Saturday, would surely have been NBC’s game Sunday night.

“But when the Raiders caved in the left side of the field-goal team — Jon Asamoah, Barry Richardson and Steve Maneri, if my eyes were right on the replays I saw — to block Ryan Succop’s potential game-winner at the close of regulation (more about that in Special Teams Player of the Week), that eliminated this game.”