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Peter King Calls Richard Seymour Of Oakland Raiders His Defensive Player Of Week

If you ever wondered what the answer would be to the question, “Who in the world could ever block two field goal attempts in one game?” you found your answer on Sunday in Richard Seymour. The star defensive end for the Oakland Raiders kept Ryan Succop from continuing his string of successive field goals and ultimately kept the Kansas City Chiefs from maintaining any playoff hopes heading into week 17. For that reason, Peter King selected him as his defensive player of the week.

King writes, "Quite simply, Seymour saved the Oakland season, and preserved the Raiders’ playoff chances. Seymour blocked a Ryan Succop 49-yard field goal try at the end of the first half that could have broken a 3-3 tie, then blocked a Succop 49-yarder at the end of the second half that could have given the Chiefs a 16-13 win. The Raiders’ special teams coordinator, John Fassel, had the block in the game plan for the week, and instructed linebackers Aaron Curry and Quentin Groves to push Seymour through the Chief line on the two blocks. Worked perfectly. "Even though my hand went up to block them, I can’t take all the credit,‘’ Seymour said. "I have to give a lot to our linebackers for giving me good push and the coaching staff for coming up with the calls to put me in the right position to make plays. That’s what we talk about all the time, the coaching staff putting players in position to make plays and when your number is called, making it and that’s what happened.’’