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Jeff Fisher Reportedly Linked To St. Louis Rams Despite Steve Spagnuolo's Presence

Steve Spagnuolo isn’t even officially fired yet, but that hasn’t stopped even the NFL’s main site from commenting on his replacement, which means that a move must be in the works given the amount of fire surrounding the hot seat of the St. Louis Rams’ head coach. notes, “The names of Titans coach Jeff Fisher and former Steelers coach Bill Cowher are the first to come up on the hot list of candidates to replace coaches on the hot seat. A 2-13 season has Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo firmly in the latter category, and the rumblings suggest changes will be made in St. Louis. NFL Network insider Jason La Canfora has reported any coaching move will take place during the offseason, and told ”NFL Total Access” Monday those changes could extend up the ladder to GM Billy Devaney.”

That said, Jason LaCanfora is already reporting that Jeff Fisher will be seriously pursued by the Rams once the position is open. That makes yet another franchise linked to Fisher, and for good reason. Fisher was a longtime head coach who had a 142-120 record in 17 seasons for the Titans, displaying the kind of long-term stability and success a team wants when they hire a new head coach.

While some will knock Fisher for failing to win a Super Bowl, he did appear in one and it’s clear that many in front offices around the league still view him with high regard. Super Bowl winning coaches aren’t exactly growing on trees and the amount of teams with a need for a new head coach are many. Fisher will continue to be mentioned with many teams, including the Chiefs, until he finds a new home or comes out saying he’s not interested.