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Anthony Becht Led Kansas City Chiefs In Offensive Snaps Against Oakland Raiders

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Anthony Becht? Yes, Anthony Becht. The same veteran tight end who was heading toward a post-NFL career in broadcasting. The same Becht who was cut only to be resigned by the Chiefs this year. That Becht led the Chiefs in offensive snaps this week against the Oakland Raiders in an odd stat that’s a bit perplexing.

The reality is that the Chiefs did not lose because Becht was in there so much. It just shows that the Chiefs could likely use another strong blocking tight end in the upcoming draft to develop and it also shows how much Tony Moeaki has been missed this season. Still it’s hard not to look at that stat and be a bit confused.

Mike Clay over at Pro Football Focus analyzed the game in his latest Snap Report. He writes, “Anthony Becht’s 60 snaps led the Chiefs’ offense this week. Leonard Pope was in on 22 plays. Dwayne Bowe’s 56 snaps led the wide receivers. Steve Breaston (54 snaps) and Jon Baldwin (30) were also heavily involved. Terrance Copper was in on 12 plays. Le’Ron McClain’s 27 snaps led the backs. Jackie Battle was in on 25 plays, compared to 18 for Thomas Jones. Dexter McCluster managed 23 snaps.”

Draw your own conclusions on all of this, but it’s interesting that Baldwin, even at season’s end, is only getting half of the plays that the other receivers are and that the running back 14 games after Jamaal Charles’ injury is still a muddled mess.