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NFL Power Rankings: Packers Remain No. 1, Kansas City Chiefs Fall To No. 24

The Green Bay Packers are predictably atop every single NFL Power Ranking you will ever find at this point in the season, and the latest Week 17 NFL Power Poll is no exception. What has changed, however, is the ranking of the Kansas City Chiefs over the course of the season to fall lower and lower with each passing week — at least it seems.

This week they are at No. 24 after the Raiders loss and it’s now clear that they will likely remain in the bottom 10 teams in the NFL no matter what happens this week against Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos at Mile High Stadium. The Chiefs players can certainly help Romeo Crennel’s cause by playing well and winning two of their last three, including the only loss of the Packers on the season, but it’s not enough to even climb from the AFC West basement.

Last week the Chiefs were No. 23 on the list, so this situation is really nothing new.