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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Landry Jones Won't Make Decision For Two More Weeks

Landry Jones has made an announcement about his possible declaration for the upcoming 2012 NFL Draft: he will announce his decision later. The only official word from the Oklahoma quarterback is that he’s apparently having a hard time making his decision. That’s certainly understandable given the season he’s had and the possibilities before him.

“I’ve gone back and forth so many times,” Jones said during the Insight Bowl’s media day. “Right now, it’s kind of like a null point where I’m not even thinking about it at all. I just really need to sit down after the year’s done and clear my head, without any thoughts of Iowa or my next game coming up," he said.

On the one hand, with Matt Barkley out of the picture, only Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck are the clear one-two quarterbacks eligible for the Draft and even Griffin could take himself out of the running. With the number of teams that have questions remaining at the most important position in the NFL, Jones’ name will still be called despite a season that didn’t go as planned.

There’s no telling what Jones will do, but it’s hard to find a quarterback stock that Jones is likely to go much higher in unless he significantly improves his play and the overall team play next year on the field. Given the chance to become injured or fall even farther, it’s a tough decision either way.