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Chiefs Vs. Bears: Marion Barber Could Play Large Role For Chicago

Matt Forte will earn his share of the carries on Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs. After all, he's been a force all season for the team. However, Brad Biggs of the National Football Post says that another running back could enter the picture Sunday for the Chiefs to watch for: Marion Barber.

"The Bears continue to lean on complementary running back Marion Barber more," he writes. "He got 10 carries for 63 yards last week at Oakland and his downhill running style has fit what the offense has been able to produce on the ground recently. In the last three games, Barber has 30 carries and starter Matt Forte has 50, showing you offensive coordinator Mike Martz is comfortable mixing it up. Opponents have focused on limiting cutback lanes for Forte and he’s danced around the hole too much, leading to more chances for Barber."

He's been especially useful in the red zone with 5 touchdowns on the season, and he has 237 total rushing yards on the year in 62 carries.