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2012 NFL Draft: Chiefs Likely To Pass On Trent Richardson, Grab Later Round Running Back

It was a position that defined the Kansas City Chiefs offense not only last season but over the life of the team's success for the last couple of decades. The running back position has always been the Chiefs strongest suit for a generation -- from Priest Holmes to Christian Okoye and Larry Johnson to Jamaal Charles. Now the team might be looking for someone else to add to the mix since the current lot is a mix of health risks and older veterans.

That someone might come from the upcoming NFL Draft. The Chiefs aren't likely to grab a running back in the first round unless they're enamored with Alabama's Trent Richardson and he falls to their draft spot. Instead, Adam Teicher says it's likely to come later in the draft.

Teicher writes, "The Chiefs' offseason to-do list will include adding a running back. Look for them to sign a free agent or draft a back in the mid-to-late rounds. Jamaal Charles will return next year following knee surgery, but the Chiefs shouldn’t count on him being at full strength when the season begins. Among their current backs, Jackie Battle runs hard every time he touches the ball but lacks the burst that is mandatory for a feature back. Thomas Jones is at the end of his career, and Dexter McCluster is a third-down and change-of-pace back but not an every-down player."