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Tim Tebow And Denver Broncos Called 'Luckiest' Team In NFL

The numbers do not tell the same story as the NFL standings. So while Broncos fans will undoubtedly point to the final wins and losses of the 2011 season and cite the popular phrase, "You are what your record says you are," others will say otherwise. The Denver Broncos have been awfully "lucky" this season, according to ESPN's Chris Sprow, and the numbers agree with him as he develops a formula that says the Broncos should have lost more than they won this season.

In fact, the Broncos should have 5.8 wins this season (six if you round up, of course). Sprow writes, "Sorry Denver fans, but to paraphrase "The World According to Garp," in the world where luck isn't a factor, this case is terminal. With more than a quarter of Denver's wins ascribed to good fortune, its division is its only fallback."

The San Francisco 49ers are next on the list among the playoff contenders as the next luckiest team -- somehow a fact that doesn't surprise since a team with Alex Smith and Frank Gore as their offensive core has never made for a winning formula until this season.

As for the Broncos, some will say that Tebow just wins and the numbers cannot measure that. Others can point to the Chiefs' season last year and say it's the same thing on a different team. Either way, the Broncos are definitely an anomaly that many are trying their best to explain.