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Former Chiefs WR Samie Parker Returns To Kansas City Football With Command

If Samie Parker cannot play football in the National Football League, he might as well pick a city within another league in a place he can appreciate. For Parker, it's about coming home to family -- specifically his daughter -- for the chance to play Arena League football with the Kansas City Command. Ryan Hammons tells the story for Parker who is excited to be back in the KC area:

Despite all his travels, Kansas City was always a special place for Parker because it is where his daughter calls home. So when the Command offered him a contract back in late November, it was one of the easiest decisions he could ever make.

"I’m so happy that I’ll get to see my daughter every day," Parker said. "It was hard not always getting to see her when I was playing in different cities. This will be a great experience for both of us. I can’t wait to have her at my games and to see the excitement on her face. That means the world to me."

Parker finished his NFL career, all four seasons with the Chiefs, with 110 receptions for 1,529 passing yards and 7 touchdowns.