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Robert Griffin III Likely Declaring For 2012 NFL Draft After Alamo Bowl Victory For Baylor

Robert Griffin III has put on a dazzling display each and every week of this college football season for the Baylor Bears. His latest one wasn’t nearly as dynamic as others, but it’s hard to deny his leadership at quarterback during last night’s 67-56 win in the Alamo Bowl over Washington. Michael David Smith notes that Griffin is likely to use the bowl victory as the final feather in his collegiate cap to declare for the NFL Draft.

He writes, "Griffin was asked in his post-game interview whether he has played his final college game and he said, “I have no idea.” But asked when he’ll decide if he’s entering the draft, Griffin said, “Pretty soon here, probably.”

“That’s a departure from what Griffin has said previously, that he wants to wait until the deadline to declare for the NFL draft. Griffin sounded like he’ll be ready to make his announcement any day now.”

If he declares, he’s instantly the second best quarterback available in the draft and it will be interesting to see if he can leap over Andrew Luck with the offseason workouts.