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Is Andrew Luck In Danger Of Losing Ground To Robert Griffin III In 2012 NFL Draft?

Let the quarterback furor concerning the NFL Draft begin. Andrew Luck has held the top spot so long that it’s hard to imagine anyone supplanting him. Robert Griffin III has enjoyed such a spike in attention and consideration (and consequently, admiration), that he might be the guy to do it. Put the two together and you have a legitimate discussion on just who is the best quarterback in the country right now in terms of pro prospects.

Most will still say that Luck is the top dog in the draft, however the offseason workouts have not started and the Combine isn’t even for another two months. Wes Bunting of the National Football Post recently weighed in to see what he thought of the two head to head and he still likes Luck at the top. After praising Griffin’s potential, he still says Luck is the safest bet.

Bunting writes, "With that being said, Luck really is a rare prospect at the position. He’s a “plus” in just about every category you evaluate a quarterback in outside of arm strength, but has the frame to get stronger and I don’t think arm strength will ever be a real concern for him at the next level. He’s a bright kid both on and off the field who deciphers information quickly. Is comfortable on the move, finds secondary targets while working his way across the field and is one of the few college quarterback prospects to come along with experience calling plays at the line and getting his team in and out of formations pre snap.

“When you look at his physical capabilities and add them to his mental skill set, you have a guy who is as close to a can’t miss at the position as possible. And in my estimation looks like a future pro bowl guy who can be that franchise signal caller long term.”