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Josh McDaniels, Bill O'Brien Linked To Kansas City Chiefs Head Coaching Position

Some of the buzz around interim head coach Romeo Crennel has died down after the Kansas City Chiefs have lost any hopes for making the NFL playoffs this season. Or at the very least, it’s gone down enough to include some other head coaching names again — some that will delight and others that will frustrate.

Bill O’Brien is the Patriots offensive coordinator, but he will be without a contract in a matter of weeks, making him available to sign with anyone — a rare instance for a top notch assistant coach. Josh McDaniels will also be free if the rumors become reality that Steve Spagnuolo will be out as Rams head coach. Jason LaConfora writes that both of those names should be linked with the Chiefs for good reason.

LaCanfora writes, "One job that could intrigue O’Brien is with the Kansas City Chiefs, according to a source familiar with his thinking. The team is considering lifting the “interim coach” label from Romeo Crennel and promoting him, with an offensive-minded “coach in waiting” joining the staff, according to league sources.

“Josh McDaniels, currently the offensive coordinator for the St. Louis Rams, also will be a candidate for that role in Kansas City and the head-coaching position, given his relationship with general manager Scott Pioli and prior work with quarterback Matt Cassel from their Patriots days.”

Chiefs fans will not be excited about the addition of McDaniels, especially as head coach, given the drama in Denver during his short tenure there as well as the horrific offensive output of the Rams under his watch this season. O’Brien is another matter entirely, as he’s a new name on the circuit and besides his employer being the Pats, it’s hard to know much about him at all.